WyreStorm: Power of Three

WyreStorm’s NetworkHD products make use of three different technologies: H.264/H.265, JPEG 2000, and SDVoE. Each technology has its own unique strengths, giving you the confidence that your AV solutions are the best they can be for all of your applications. WyreStorm’s NetworkHD is one of the most diverse AV over IP offerings available on the market to date, and our solutions can be tailored to fit your specific installation needs.

H.264 / H.265

The lowest cost, lowest bandwidth method of delivering full HD over a 1GB network, with plug-and-play modular PoE architecture, making it easy to scale up to extremely large deployments without IT administration headaches.

Offering fantastic value-added features such as frameless switching, video wall processing, multiview, and our free NetworkHD Touch control app, allowing you to access the entire system with live video previews of all sources and selections.

JPEG 2000

A cost-effective, high-quality solution for the delivery of 4K HDR content over a 1GB network. Other value features include auto-scaling for combined HD and 4K installs, multi-channel audio support up to DTS:X and Dolby Atmos, a powerful routing engine, and incredible video wall processing including portrait and mosaic layouts.

The NetworkHD 400 Series features the same modular PoE scalability and support for the NetworkHD Touch control application as the 100 and 200 series.


The pinnacle of all AV distribution platforms for projects demanding the highest possible quality. Deliver pixel for pixel 4K perfection at 4:4:4 60Hz over a 10GB network, with GenLock zero latency, ultra-fast seamless switching, video wall and multiview processing, and effortless scalability using an IP network.

There is absolutely no compromise in quality for projects that demand the best. Take a look at what the NetworkHD 600 Series offers and see what AV over IP perfection looks like.